What is...
a Side Support Bra?

Side support bras don’t get as much credit as they should – but do you know what a side support bra is, what it does and who they’re best for?

Some of you might already know but for those who don’t, prepare to discover the world of side support bras!

What is a side support bra?

A side support bra is a cleverly designed garment that can be identified in a couple of different ways.

Most side support bras are immediately recognisable thanks to their seams – they usually have 4 sections in the cup, with one of those sections being a vertical panel at the outer edge near your armpit.

Some side support bras have a hidden side panel, or side sling, inside the cup that’s not visible outside, and some even have this sling on the outside of the cup as part of the design.

Curvy Kate’s Victory Balconette is an example of a bra with 4-part cups using side support panels, while Scantilly’s Fallen Angel uses an outer satin sling to do the same thing while adding to the overall design of the bra. Inner side support slings sit neatly under the main fabric of the bra to do their job discretely.

What does a side support bra do? 

The best thing about side support bras is that these clever panels or slings work to pull in your breast tissue from the sides, giving your bust more forward projection and streamlining your silhouette.

Whether the side support is outside or inside the cup, they all do the same job to push your boobs front-and-centre with a lovely sleek shape.


"I have this bra now in 4 different colors because it just fits me so well... I love how it uplifts but isn't thick and padded. My absolute favorite bra style I've ever worn."

Curvy Kate Victory Balconette Bra

Who can wear a side support bra? 

We often recommend a side support bra to those who have wider set breasts, or find that their busts are heavier towards the sides more than the middle, so if this sounds like you then side support bras will be your new BBF (bra best friend)!

However, that’s not to say they can’t be worn by anyone else – even if your breasts are naturally quite centred you might want a side support bra just to help streamline your shape a little bit more, or to get some more projection.

The great thing about side support bras is that they can come in different shapes, not just fuller coverage options, so there’s a side support bra out there for almost everyone!

What are the benefits of a side support bra? 

To recap, here’s why we really love side support bras for fuller busts:

  • Clever side panels or slings to shape and project your breast tissue forwards
  • Side support bras are available in different shapes to suit different breast types
  • Your silhouette will be streamlined by having your bust brought forwards
  • Some side support bras have inner slings, instead of an extra seamed panel, that offer a smoother shape on the outside

Side support bras are a great foundation to any outfit thanks to the amazing forward projection and sleek shaping they offer, helping your clothes fit better and your bust sit centred on your chest.

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