What is...
a Bodysuit?

We love a lingerie bodysuit here at Brastop, and they’re always a bestselling style!

But you might be wondering what is a bodysuit and what is the purpose of one? We’ll answer all for you right now!

What is a bodysuit?

A bodysuit is an all-in-one type item, like a swimsuit, but lingerie bodysuits are different to the bodies you can get as regular tops. Lingerie bodies are often sized by bra size, to ensure you can get the very best fit which is important if you’re D+ like us!

The one-piece design of a bodysuit is what sets it apart from other styles of lingerie, as they are fitted to the body and have a gusset.

What does a bodysuit do?

Bodysuits tend to work just like your regular bras – many are underwired, like Curvy Kate’s Lucky Star body, but some are non-wired like Scantilly’s Indulgence body – so they give support and comfort to your bust while giving added coverage to the rest of your torso.

Lingerie bodies are inspired more by fashion and trends, with lots of people opting to wear them as a top for that underwear-as-outerwear look, but they also make an amazing foundation to any outfit.

Although bodysuits are not shapewear, they do sit close to the skin and are quite figure-hugging so with the right fit they can really highlight your curves and give an incredible silhouette under clothes!


"This bodysuit is perfect! The bra size is true to size and fits perfectly! I've been searching high & low for a sexy body suit for large boobs. The cups held my breasts just right with no spillage on the sides."

Curvy Kate Lucky Star Plunge Body

Who can wear a bodysuit?

The best thing about bodysuits is that anyone who wants to wear one, can, thanks to the fact they are basically a bra with a body part attached to it. We get asked a lot how you’ll know if the body will fit when they are based on bra size, but bodysuits are cleverly designed to fit a body according to the band size they wear.

As an example, if you wear a 36 back band you’re likely going to be around a size 16-18, so the design of the bodysuit will take that into consideration and will fit around that size too. Likewise if you wear a 30 band, you’re likely to be around a size 10-12 so a bodysuit in a 30 back band will be based on that clothes size. Those who have a bigger hip-to-waist ratio might want to sister size up to allow a bit more room in the body part.

If you love experimenting with layering your lingerie to incorporate it into your outfits, then bodysuits can be a great choice for you. Lingerie bodysuits can look super stylish when worn as outerwear, making a great evening outfit or just for that ‘jeans and a nice top’ style!

What are the benefits of a bodysuit?

Bodysuits are great for a number of reasons, here’s a recap:

  • Lingerie bodysuits are often bra-sized so you can get the best fit for your boobs
  • As they are form-fitting, they can provide a really sleek silhouette under clothes
  • Bodysuits look great when styled as outerwear, so you can get more wear out of each piece
  • They will often stay securely in place thanks to the tight fit, so no more tugging and pulling

We hope that answers all your questions about bodysuits. We love experimenting with ways to wear them, and that super secure feeling they give of hugging our entire torso.

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