Boob Problems, Sorted!
Boob Problems, Sorted!

Boob Problems, Sorted!

Let’s face it, having big boobs can be a both a wonderful blessing and a bit of a curse!

While we all want to keep up a great relationship with our assets, it does sometimes feel like they’re out to get us. Help is right at hand though with our collection of tips and tricks that address even the most irritating of boob woes. From eluding the aches and pains of an ill-fitting bra, to curing the daily hassles of the larger-breasted woman, Brastop have five of your most common boob dilemmas solved in one easy location!

Heavy Boobs

With bigger boobs comes a whole load of extra baggage!

If you are above a D cup then you might notice some back, shoulder or neck ache if your boobs are not receiving proper levels of support, and, if you are above a G cup then this is accentuated even more! The number one way to combat this is to buy a bra with the correct back size. For help with this, take a look at our dedicated bra-fitting guide. There are a couple of other ways to keep those weighty breasts in check, however: Wider straps are a brilliant way to distribute the bust, while a broad back band creates more support. What a weight off your mind!


The dreaded quad-boob dilemma is one of the only times when four is not at all better than two. If you’re lucky enough not to be familiar, the quad-boob effect occurs when your breasts are spilling over the top of your bra, and it’s particularly disastrous when they are on show underneath an otherwise attractive, tightly fitting top.

In this instance, it is highly likely that you are wearing a cup size that is too small for you. Give your boobs what they deserve and go up in cup size until the top of the bra fits flush with the top of the breast. If you’re still seeing double after this, then it might be worth experimenting with other styles of bra, such as a full-cup or balconette, which may work more effectively with your body shape.

Back Bulge

This one’s pretty self-explanatory as boob dilemmas go. Back bulge can be seen when your bra is digging into your back, causing the skin to ripple in quite an unsightly (and downright uncomfortable) manner! What is, perhaps, less obvious is the cause behind the problem of back bulge.

While many would come to the conclusion that it happens when you are wearing a bra that is too tight, the truth is, in fact, the opposite! When the back band of a bra is too loose, then the whole thing rides up your back, creating that dreaded roll of skin. Combat this by going down a back size (and up a cup size if necessary) until you can only fit one finger underneath the band. Perfect!

Side Heavy Boobs

For many women blessed with large assets, distribution is sometimes a logistical nightmare! In particular, many find that their breasts are fullest and weightiest at the sides, closest to their arms.

If you are faced with this problem then you will notice that your boobs are very spread out, making them look oversized and misshapen. You might also experience an empty cup on the inside of your bra, compared with an overflowing one on the outside! A side support bra is truly going to be your best friend in this instance due to their high levels of comfort and support. For the same reason, moulded cups are the enemy of side heavy boobs due to their lack of seams.

Boob Sweat

Boob Sweat

Finally… we have to mention it. Boob sweat is gross but it happens to us all at some point! There’s nothing worse on a hot summer’s day than the sticky feeling of a sweaty under-boob, but luckily there’s a very easy fix for this particular dilemma. Rather than the traditional materials used in padded bras, opt instead for a light and breathable fabric such as cotton.

If possible, it’s also a great idea to go for a non-underwired bra, and, contrary to popular opinion there are some of these that are just as supportive as their wired cousins! Follow these tips and you’ll be waving goodbye to boob sweat melancholy!

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