How to Put on a Bra the Correct Way
How to Put on a Bra the Correct Way

How to Put on a Bra the Correct Way

At Brastop, we are often asked the most effective way to put on a bra in order to get the most out of those assets and to retain high levels of comfort throughout the day.

While many women think that wearing a bra is a necessary pain, we are here to show you that it doesn’t have to be! When you combine the perfect fit and the correct method of putting on your bra, you’ll be introduced, not only, to a whole world of comfort and support, but also to boobs that look their absolute best, no matter the occasion!

Step 1: Place your arms through the shoulder straps

If you happen to be one of those women who fastens their bra at the front and then twists it around to the back, then it might be worth re-considering, unless you are unable to do otherwise. While it’s not catastrophic, it does stretch the elastic and cause the wires to warp, which means a shorter lifespan for your bra!

Far better, when putting on a traditional bra, is to position your breasts into the cups and put your arms through the straps that attach the bra cups to the back of the bra. I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that if you’re putting on a strapless bra then you can skip this step!

Step 2: Fasten the clasp at the back

Most bras tend to have two or three hook and loop fastenings at their back, but some longline and sports bras might even have up to six! Sounds like a bit of a puzzle? To be honest, it is, and this part certainly takes some practice before you’re a pro.

If you’re putting on a brand new bra (lucky you!) then it’s ideal for the clasps to be fitting on the loosest setting. This is so that there’s room for the bra to be tightened over time, as the elastic stretches. If the bra doesn’t feel like it supports you when it’s hooked on the tightest setting then you might want to consider going down a band size.

Step 3. Adjust the straps

Wearing straps that are too loose is one of the most irritating aspects of bra-wearing life!

Avoid this by tightening the shoulder straps using the clasp at the back. Some women find it’s a bit less fiddly to do this when they’re not wearing the bra. Make sure that both straps are even and you’re almost ready to face the day!

Step 4. Scoop and Swoop

This final step is by far the most important! Sadly it’s also the one that gets ignored most often, resulting in a day spent with your boobs sitting in completely the wrong place, ouch!

With a simple ‘scoop’ and ‘swoop’, your bra cup goes from sitting on the breasts and squashing the tissue, to encasing them and lifting them onwards and upwards! While standing, bend forwards and give your boobs a good ‘swoop’, bringing the breast tissue away from your armpits and into the centre of each cup. This followed (you guessed it!) by scooping the breast tissue that sits underneath the underwire up into the cup, allowing the whole breast to be projected and lifted.


Following these four steps will ensure a happy bra day and a whole heap of boosted confidence!

If you’re still not feeling happy once they’ve all been completed then chances are you’re wearing the wrong bra size. Take a look at our perfect fit guide to find out which changes you need to be making.

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