What is...
a Full Cup Bra?

One thing we get asked a lot is what is a full cup bra? Many people think it’s just a term for a bra that has a bigger cup size – but that’s not strictly correct.

While full cup bras are most commonly seen in larger cup sizes, that’s not all there is to them. Read on to find out more!

What is a full cup bra?

Full cup bras are a specific shape of bra that offer total coverage in the cups.

Styles like balconette bras or plunge bras sit lower on your bust, offering a more revealing fit, while a full cup bra covers more of your breasts towards your collarbones.

What does a full cup bra do?

A full cup bra completely encompasses your breast tissue, ensuring a secure fit with no cleavage on show.

The straps on a full cup bra are often set a little closer into the centre of the cup rather than sitting wider at the outer edge by your armpit.

They tend to offer great support thanks to the secure fit that is provided by the added coverage, and often have a taller centre gore and higher sides to make sure your bust is fully contained. With a full cup bra offering such a high level of coverage, it also means your breasts will be separated with little to no cleavage.


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Who can wear a full cup bra?

Full cup bras generally best suit those with less-full breast shapes, like pendulous or bell-shaped boobs, and are ideally worn under outfits that have higher necklines – but anyone who is looking for more coverage can consider a full cup bra.

If you have a fuller, firmer breast shape then you might find that a full cup style can cut in along the top edge as they tend to be a bit more ‘closed’ on top – but some full cup bra styles have a stretch lace top panel that can help with this, so if this is a problem you come across then look out for this feature listed in a product’s description.

Due to the taller centre gore on a full cup bra, if you have particularly close-set breasts then you might find that the gore doesn’t completely tack to your sternum. Like those with fuller or firmer breasts, you might find that a style with stretch qualities in the top cup section can help ensure a better fit.

If you have a more petite frame you might feel like some full cup bras are too tall, so try a style like Curvy Kate’s WonderFully full cup bra as this has shorter wires and a scooped underarm, meaning it doesn’t sit quite as high at the sides or centre gore.

What are the benefits of a full cup bra?

Full cup bras are a great addition to almost every bra closet, here’s why:

  • They offer extra coverage for a secure, supportive fit
  • Full cup bras fully encapsulate your breasts for separation and minimal cleavage
  • Taller wires in a full cup bra ensure no overspill at the underarm
  • Different full cup bra designs can suit a range of breast and body shapes

We hope that helps you understand more about full cup bras. They can be a great choice for anyone with D+ cup breasts, with a range of options to suit every budget.

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