Swimwear Buying Guide
Swimwear Buying Guide

Swimwear Buying Guide

Hoping to achieve that beach-ready body? Well we’re here to tell you that all you need for that is well-fitting swimwear. Whether you’re a bikini, tankini or swimsuit type of girl, this buying guide will give you all the information required to dive into swimwear heaven.

At Brastop, we’ve got you covered for fitness, on the beach and for lounging by the pool (and we’re definitely not jealous of you at all right now… nope).

Bra Fitting Guide

Start with Sizing

First things first; if you wear a cup size of a D or above in bras then you should definitely be looking for swimwear which uses bra sizing as its measurement, not your standard dress size.

While bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits that use regular clothing sizes are readily available on the highstreet, these do not incorporate any type of support for your boobs and that means that your assets are not being looked after as well as they should be (chances are they’re on holiday too right?). Choosing a bra-sized swimsuit means that you are receiving all of the comfort and support that you would also be getting from a regular bra.

With regard to choosing your size, we’re pleased to tell you that if you’ve already read our bra fitting guide and our guide to the different breast shapes, then you’re already most of the way there with regards to swimwear sizing. You should start by purchasing the size that fits you in bras, and make adjustments from there. For bikini bottoms, some women like to size down slightly so that they are not baggy at all, however this does depend somewhat on personal preference.

What’s Your Style?

Just like when it comes to buying lingerie, you should be buying swimwear in a style that suits your shape and suits the purpose that you’re buying it for; what works for getting a maximum tan on the beach won’t necessarily work for a fitness session at your local pool!

To make things a little bit more complicated, swimwear styles are slightly different depending on whether you’re looking for a bikini, a tankini or a swimsuit. The amount of poolside coverage that you’re looking for also needs to be taken into account here.

The next three sections will group together the three main styles (the swimsuit, the bikini and the tankini) and highlight their subcategories which are particularly suitable for D-K cup sizes.

What's your swimwear style?
The benefits of a swimsuit


The one piece, the swimming costume, the bathing suit; this item of swimwear has quite a few different names! No matter what you call it though, this particular item provides you with the most coverage of the three main types of swimwear.

If you’re looking for a costume that smooths and flattens your stomach, then there are many swimsuit options, one of the most popular being the control suit. This particular style is lined at the front and the back in order to give a greater level of support.

In addition, control swimsuits often feature ruching at the side, twist fronts or side panels to further help to smooth and shape your tummy. For a swimsuit that provides an extra boost to your cleavage, take a look at high apex styles which give added support to your boobs, pushing them up.


As we previously mentioned, for curvy ladies, a bikini top that utilises D to K cup bra sizing rather than dress sizing is a must and, like bras, bikini tops come in many different styles and shapes.

Whether you’re after a balconette, a plunge, a strapless or a full cup, you should be looking out for features that suit your shape such as underwired cups and sections of padding.

Specific styles which are popular include the bandeau, which emphasises the bust in a tube-like shape (not to mention it’s great for sunbathing if you’re not a fan of the tan line) and the halterneck which has the advantage of adjustable straps which tie at the neck. Because of this neck-tie, however, some halterneck styles are not the best bet when you have particularly bountiful assets, as their weight can cause neck pain.

Buying a tankini top


Giving a lot more stomach coverage than the bikini but still offering the convenience of a two piece, the tankini is a firm beach favourite among many! As an additional benefit, tankinis are great for women who want the cover of a swimsuit but who require a different size on the bottom from their size on top.

With high cut or low cut bottoms, alongside tie-side briefs or swim shorts, the sky is the limit when choosing your perfect tankini set! With regards to comfort and fit, a tankini top needs to fit your boobs in the same way as your bra does. In addition to this, the mid-section of the swimsuit mustn’t ride up, which happens when it’s too big for you round the middle.

A new tankini might just be the magic answer you’re looking for to emphasise the positives and detract from the bits you don’t want people to see!

Swimwear for Fitness

We’ve discussed the bikinis, tankinis and swimming costumes which you are likely to be wearing on your next beach getaway, but what about the suit that’s right for an exercise session?

Even more so than with regular swimsuits, those for fitness should incorporate a tight, body-hugging fit which increases mobility and reduces drag from the water. For D+ cups, a bra sizing system is imperative for fitness swimsuits, particularly so if you’re participating in water aerobics or a similar sport.

As a general rule, swimsuits are chosen for fitness as they are the most streamlined; however you can also purchase bikinis and tankinis which have been specifically designed for sports. Go, go. GO!

Swimwear for Fitness
The benefits of a swimsuit


Stretch is the word when it comes to swimwear!

Lycra, Nylon and Spandex are all great choices for swimsuits in particular which need to expand and contract while you are swimming. In addition to this, a chlorine resistant fabric such as polyester will mean that your swimsuit of choice will be protected from that baggy look for longer.

For other chlorine-busting tips, be sure to have a read of our swimwear care guide. Many fashion bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits also include embellishments such as beads and sequins, but you should take care not to choose a swimsuit which has these additional extras in areas where they might irritate the skin or reduce your mobility.

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