Bra Fit Consultation

At Brastop, it’s our mission to make you feel fabulous about your curves! The starting point for this is to make sure that you’re wearing a bra that fits to perfection, is comfortable and (of course!) makes you feel good about yourself. Submit your virtual bra fitting consultation today and we’ll help you in the way to bra-fitting heaven!

How does it work?

Please take 3x clear, well-lit images of how your current bra fits you – one from the front, side, and back. This allows our fitters to check the fit from all angles and make sure we can offer the best possible advice that’s tailored to you and your curves. We'll suggest what sizes and styles would be best for your unique shape to help you find the perfect bra fit.

The Perfect Fit

Correct Band


80% of a bra's support comes from the band. Make sure it sits firm and straight around your ribcage for the best fit.

Correct Cups


Banishing wrinkling and quad boobs with a correctly fitting cup - it should sit smooth against your breast tissue.

Correct Straps


Your shoulder straps should be adjusted to around a two-finger tension to ensure they don't slip or dig in.