Ok, let’s get real here. A lot of us can’t wait to whip our bras off at the end of a long day no matter how comfortable it is – we just don’t want those wires poking and prodding while we’re slouching on the sofa, and we get it! For some of us, that free-boob feeling is amazing even just for a couple of hours in an evening and while we’re asleep. But now we’re in lockdown and isolation, a lot of you are wondering if you need to keep wearing your bras even though you’re not leaving the house. The simple answer is that it is up to you and your comfort levels, but here’s why we think continuing to wear a bra during the day is important. Take a look through the whys of bra-wearing and some of our suggested styles to make your own mind up:

cooper's ligaments breast anatomy
Illustration of Cooper's ligaments within the breast

There have been plenty of articles written about breast sagging and how to prevent it, but a lot of these are based on minimal evidence and can be quite contradictory. What we DO know is that our breasts contain the Cooper’s ligaments – these are thin strands of connective tissue that hold and support your breast tissue. They’re a bit like a hair tie or elastic band and will lose elasticity over time, meaning your breasts will inevitably sag no matter what you do to try and prevent it. By not wearing a bra, you’re putting extra strain on these ligaments and potentially causing them to stretch out faster.

comfortable bras to wear in lockdown
1. Flirtelle Viola Latte - soft, stretch lace cups, 2. Curvy Kate Lifestyle Black - sheer, barely-there feel, 3. Ivory Rose T-Shirt Bra White - soft fabric and foam lining

But why else should you be wearing a bra in lockdown? For us, it helps us to keep our routine in check. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of wearing slouchy, comfy clothes all day but if you’re working from home, a properly fitted bra can help maintain good posture while you’re at your make-shift workstation – even if it is under your joggers and a baggy t-shirt! Take a look at what the Brastop team are wearing to work from home in, and our top recommendations for other working from home styles.

back band bra fitting 80:20

D+ boobs are heavy, and without a bra to support and lift them there is a lot of strain being placed not only on your Cooper’s ligaments, but your neck, shoulders and back. An ill-fitted bra might be uncomfortable, but not wearing one at all can be even more uncomfortable. Make sure your back band is nice and firm as this is what offers 80% of the support in a bra.

non-wired bras for lockdown
1. Panache Andorra Blush - soft lace design up to a J cup, 2. Curvy Kate Unwind Black - dual cup sized up to a 40J/JJ, 3. Bestform Cotton Comfort White - soft cotton and fuller coverage

If you really can’t face the idea of underwires right now, then swap them out for a non-wired style instead. This way you’re still getting some support to keep your girls lifted and comfortable.

We always talk about finding your perfect bra fit, and it is more important than ever right now to make sure you’re wearing the best fit for you and your comfort. If you’re unsure of your size, feel free to get in touch with me, Lucy-Jayne, for a free bra fitting consultation! Just fill out the form here or email me on fittings@brastop.com.

Stay safe,
LJ x

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