They’re something we carry around with us every single day and can be the cause of back ache and pain (if you’re not in a correctly fitting bra!), but have you ever wondered how much your boobs actually weigh? We did some research and found a list of the average weights for D-K cup boobs based on a 32 band. But that’s not all, with Easter being just around the corner we went the extra mile and gave you these weights in Easter treats! Are your boobs the weight of 14 spring chickens or are they more like 37.5 crème eggs? Take a peep at the list below to find out, we think you’ll be surprised!

boob weights d dd cup

D = 860g

D cup boobs weigh an average of 860g, that’s the equivalent of 430 fluffy chicks – y’know, the cute ones you put on Easter bonnets?

DD = 1,100g

If you’ve got DDs, you’re carrying around 1,100g, which is the same as 38 chocolate malteaser bunnies. Yum!

boob weights e f cup

E = 1,300g

If you come in at an E cup, your boobs probably weigh around 1,300g which is equal to 17 scrumptious hot cross buns.

F = 1,500g

F cup babes, you’ve got 1,500g to carry around. That’s 37.5 crème eggs!

ff g cup boob weights

FF = 1,800g

Those FF cup boobs come in strong at 1,800g, which is the same as 18 shiny golden Lindt chocolate bunnies.

G = 2,100g

Those G cup boobs are a respectable 2,100g, or in Easter terms that’s 14 baby spring chickens!

how much do gg h cup breasts weigh

GG = 2,500g

GG cup? You’re looking at 2,500g. That’s the same as 35 bags of Galaxy golden eggs. Don’t forget to share!

H = 2,800g

Got H cups? That’s 2,800g or 31 bags of mini eggs!

hh j cup breast weight

HH = 3,300g

HH cups come in at 3,300g – the equivalent of 4 baby bunnies. How cute!

J = 3,700g

J cups? That’s 3,700g or 13 large Easter eggs.

jj k cup bra size boob weights

JJ = 4,200g

If your boobs come in at a JJ cup, you’re carrying around 4,200g – or 62 yummy rice krispie cakes!

K = 4,800g

Last but not least, your K cups weigh in at 4,800g – that’s the same as a lamb!

Did any of these weights surprise you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and what you weigh in at!

LJ x

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