Lets get real here: breast sagging is inevitable. We’d all love to have boobs up to our chins our whole lives, but that’s just not the case. Some people are luckier than others and may only experience a small amount of 'sagging' compared to some. To hopefully put your mind at rest we’d thought we’d give you the low down on all things sagging related.

As we get older the Cooper’s ligaments – the connective tissue in the breasts that help them keep their shape stretches out, a bit like our skin does. Breasts gradually change from having more breast tissue to having more fat, and this can make them appear less perky.

Boob Sagging Cooper Ligaments

The Cooper's Ligaments in your boobs

According to a recently study carried out at UCLA, your breast tissue tends to age two to three years faster than the rest of your body. This doesn’t seem fair somehow, but such is life. A lot of things to do with our bodies come down to genetics, and breast sagging is another one to add to the list. So while we wait for the inevitable to happen, there are some preventative things you can do! We hear a lot about the myths that can apparently ‘stop’ the sagging, but as we now know it’s going to happen either way. However, the things that can affect how much your breasts sag is things like smoking. Much like what it can do to your face, hair and nails, it can affect your boobs. It decreases the blood supply to the skins surface and in turn can lead to the stretch out.

Knowing how harmful the suns UV rays is should be enough to make you bust out a bottle of the stuff straight away, but we know there are some of you out there that are sun worshippers. How would you feel if we told you not wearing SPF at all could also accelerate the breast sagging process? I bet we’ve got your attention now. The UV rays stretches out the collagen in our skin which can damage it and in turn damage your boobs' perkiness in the long run.

Most importantly, wearing the correct bra can help! Forget the length of time or not actually wearing one at all – because let’s face it ladies, we all need a day off. Just wearing the best fitting bra for you can be a big help, and make you feel great too!

Any other questions about breast sagging? Leave them in the comments below.

Grace x

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