January is the only month that has a day dedicated to being miserable which we all know to be Blue Monday. With that impending day looming ever closer (Monday 16th to be exact) just the thought of it is enough to make us down. That, and the fact we may be snowed in for weeks. However, we’re determined to kick it this year! If you’re like us then we’ve got a few tips that will help - they even include your boobs!

Take your boobs on a walk
Find yourself with a free afternoon or weekend? Force yourself outside! When they say fresh air does you good, they really mean it. It gives you time to clear your mind as well as get a bit of exercise that helps release those cheeky endorphins that’ll get you smiling.

Bust out the bright colours
You may want to wear black up until springtime but force yourself to wear something colourful – this includes your bras! Some research has suggested that colour can boost your mood, so why not give it a go! Green, yellow, red and blue are said to be the best.

Go for that bra fitting
You’ve been meaning to go for months but of course it’s not top of the to-do list. Well, it’s finally time to bite the bullet and make that bra fitting a priority. Your boobs will be smiling as much as you will knowing your fabulous new size ready for a year of new gorgeous bras.

bra band test 80:20 rule

Your boobs want in on the pamper night
Boob masks are now a thing and they’re the perfect addition to your pamper night in. They work in the same way face masks do and are meant to tone and firm for up to 15 hours! You could even DIY your own for your décolletage and sit back and chill for the night. This definitely helps ease our minds and makes us feel instantly better.

Boob Sheet Masks

Boob masks in action

Treat your boobs
We all feel the pinch after Christmas, but a little treat never hurt anyone, right? Sale shopping is meant to be done so why not get that bra you’ve been eyeing up since last October? You could even shop your own stash. It’s free and you may even discover an amazing bra you forgot you had!

There’s no need to fear Blue Monday, but if you do, any of the above should help you through the whole month of dreary Jan! Do you have any other tips or tricks you use to lift your mood? We want to hear them so pop them in the comments below or let us know on any of our socials @brastop

Grace x

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