Body confidence – some women are lucky to have it, and some aren’t. However, we’re starting to see more and more women embracing their curves – and not just to themselves but flaunting it on the internet for the whole world to see and it’s really inspired us! The #DontHateTheShake craze has been sweeping the US and now the UK, with Melissa Gibson starting it off by of dancing in her underwear on her Instagram and women copying it to show their body positivity! We’ve included a little video of her and some others below:

We want to make sure all you lovely ladies out there are just as body confident as those ladies are so we’ve created our 5 top tips to help you achieve that body confidence:

1. Embrace your inner Sasha Fierce – If Beyonce can admit she has an alter ego, so can we! If you believe you have this inner Goddess you’ll soon become one!

2. Walk tall – we know this can be hard if you’re having a bad day but no one need know! Walking with your head held high can instantly give you a confidence boost.

3. Talk! – tell your partner or friend that you’re feeling low. Talking about something that’s on your mind will help get it off your chest and make you realise you’re a lot more confident than you first thought!

4. Use the mirror – if you’re confidence is lacking we tend to avoid looking at ourselves in the mirror but force yourself to! Embracing what you have and telling yourself you look guuuuuurd every now and again will soon resonate within you.

5. And finally DON'T compare – everyone is beautiful in their own ways, which is what makes us human – so what if you don’t look like that celebrity? No one does! You’ve got to love you for you!

We hope these simple 5 tips will help you achieve that inner body confidence we know you have! What would you tell someone who wanted to be body confident? Are you body confident? Comment down below or leave us a message on Facebook or Twitter!

Grace x

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