An ill-fitting bra can cause some serious grief to your day, even making some of us feel like wearing them is a chore. There are many bra related questions that we ask ourselves and finding the solution can turn your hatred for bras into pure and utter, love.

1. Why are the straps so broad?

Broad straps get a lot of hate from us ladies, we just adore the thinner and dainty straps, but why? Think of it this way, the thin straps are like your lazy, old boyfriend, unreliable and unsupportive. The thicker straps, are like your best friend, they pick you up when you're down and are beyond supportive when you need them. So always go for the thicker straps and learn to love them, we need them.

2. How often do I need a new bra?

Bras aren't something that have a particularly strict expiration date, however manufacturers do say that they tend to last roughly 6 months. Really, it depends on how it's feeling on you, if you find yourself on the tightest hook and still feeling unsupported then it is definitely time to indulge a new set (like we need an excuse to treat ourselves anyway?). Washing your bra in the right way will definitely help to prolong it's life, something that you can learn all about here - How to make your bras last longer.

3. Why does it feel so tight?

It's meant to! Want to keep those assets of yours looking perky and in place? Then your back band needs to be firm to keep that support alive! Don't worry, it won't feel like that for too long, washing and wearing will break it in, kinda like a new pair of shoes. Obviously if the bra is crippling you, then try the next back size up, just keep in mind that you need it be nice and tight.

4. What do I do if one of the girls is bigger than the other?

Much more of a common problem then you may think! For some of us it's simply a slight difference and for others, it can be a whole cup size different. The trick is to always fit your bra according to your bigger size, otherwise you're going to experience some major spillage. To avoid gaping in the bra, try tightening the strap more, alternatively you can even fill the gap with a small chicken fillet.

5. Why do my straps always fall off of my shoulders.

There are a few reason for this:

- The bras that you have may only have half straps, meaning that you can only tighten them to the length of half of your strap. What you need is a full strap - one that can tighten all the way down to the cup, if needed. Luckily for us, most fuller bust brands already do this. :)

- Check the size. Straps falling down usually means that the back band is too big and basically the bra isn't firm enough to hold your straps in place. So check out our fitting room page for tips!

- Ticked the two previous points off of your check list, but those cheeky buggers are still sliding off? This may mean that you simply have narrow shoulders and you could benefit from a bra which uses a j-hook clip for racerback conversion on the straps. There are also a couple of helpful accessories like the Braza Bra Happy Straps and the Magic Clip which are clever little things that attach to your bra straps to keep them from slipping!

So, what do you ask yourself most when shopping for new bras? Let us know so we can try and find a solution for you!

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