Ladies! Breaking news! There are ways that you can make your bras last longer, that's right, you can finally stop wondering! I bet the suspense is killing you, so let's get straight into it.

1. Wear the right size (something we bang on about all the time)

We all know that wearing the right size gives you the best support possible, but what we don't know is that it can extend the life of your bras. Wearing a back size that is too tight for you can cause unnecessary stretching, making your bra 'die' quicker, resulting in you being very, very sad. :(

2. Have a few bras and rotate them

This may sound a little strange, but here goes... your bras need to rest. Allowing your bras to rest in between wearings, gives it the chance to breath and bounce back into shape. It gives the elasticity a break and in a sense, allows it to gain it's strength back.

3. The old twist-a-roo

Many of us are guilty of doing our bras up at the front and the twisting it around to the back. This is a major no-no for your bras!! It severely stretches your bras and tires them out pretty quickly, so try your best to avoid it if you're able to.

4. Over exercising your bras

Don't wear a normal bra to the gym, not only is this extremely bad for your boobs, due to the excessive bouncing, but it's also really bad for your bras. Everyday bras aren't built for that kind of action, so invest in a sports bra to save your bras and more importantly, your boobs!

5. Store them delicately

This goes for all bras, but especially moulded cups. Avoid shoving your bras into drawers as it can bend them out of shape. Looking for a few ideas? Check out and Follow Brastop's board Bra Storage Ideas on Pinterest.

6. Hand wash them - surprise, surprise!

Something else we have been talking about a lot lately, in fact you can check out my blog about it here. Hand washing prolongs the life of your bras like you wouldn't believe and if you don't have the time do to it, then get yourself a wash bag. These clever little cookies protect your bras from getting all kinds of stretched in the washing machine and stop them from getting damaged.

Do you have any another tips on making your bras last longer? Share them in the comments below!

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