I’ve been working here at Brastop for nearly 5 months now and to say I’ve learnt a lot would be an understatement. I was never that bothered by boobs before, I just knew I had bigger boobs than the average woman and just got on with life. But now, boobs are everything.


Cat Boob Gif

I definitely have to start with this point. I’m now completely obsessed with boobs. Even walking past women in the street, my immediate eye line is their chest without even realising! And it’s not just me. Pretty much everyone that works in the office loves a good pair and oo’s and ahh’s over all the delicious sets we have coming in every week. It’s not good for our bank balances but it makes for great conversation.

The Correct Size is Key

You know this is one of our main ethos’ as a brand but I really do believe it. You won’t know how great it is until you’ve gone from wearing an ill-fitted bra to one that actually fits! It’s pretty life changing, and that’s a dramatic statement to make. From analysing my friend's sizes to helping out our lovely customers, having them in the right bra is a must.

Embrace All Underwear Styles

Patrick Underwear Gif

I definitely came into Brastop with a favourite underwear style, but now I embrace them all. I never knew there were so many variations! Brief, bikini brief, bare face brief, shorts, brazilians... I’ve definitely seen and tried them all. It’s nice to switch it up every now and again and see the latest trends.

Men Need a Helping Hand

Man Confused Gif

You’d be surprised about how many men get in contact about needing help to find that perfect set for their partner. We get it guys, it can all be very confusing with the different styles like babydolls to your camisoles but we’re always here to help. Our lingerie gift buying guide is always a good one to look at too. It also gives us an insight into what men are buying. It could have either been an instructed purchase or a gone it alone job, either way good luck guys!

Do any of you work in the lingerie industry? Let us know if you’ve learnt any of the above or anything else we haven’t mentioned in the comments below!

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