Itching, scratching, tickling - whatever you call it we all do it. But have you noticed that the itchiness is focused around your boobs? Breast itching is completely normal, and we’ve got some of the very common reasons why you may be feeling that prickle specifically around the girls and how to combat it!


You could be wearing your bra for 10+ hours on an average day. This could be 5 days a week or even 7 days a week which averages A LOT of bra wearing for us women in our lifetime. Washing your bras in fabric detergents and softeners often could be the culprit to those itchy boobs seeing as the fabric is so close to the skin for long periods of time. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you may have sensitive skin, so maybe think about swapping out your usual detergent for something gentler.



This common skin condition has most likely affected you or someone you know. It’s caused by an irregularity in your immune system and appears as bright red, flaky, dry and of course itchy patches. These can occur anywhere on the body including your boobs. Sun exposure has been said to ease the symptoms of it which of course means it’s time to book a holiday! Topless beach anyone?


Heat rash

Heat rash is another common one. Some of you may even have it right now. If your boobs sit against your chest it’s not uncommon to develop a heat rash beneath your boobs where your bra wire sits. Try holding a cold compress to the area for 5 – 10 minutes, take a break and then repeat.


That time of the month

During our cycles, there are so many hormonal changes happening in our bodies it’s no surprise breast itching can be another symptom us girls experience. We’ve added it to the list! So think about what time of the month it is for you - the itching could pass sooner than you think.

Period Gif


This may sound scary but it definitely isn’t. It is most commonly associated with breastfeeding women but you don’t have to be breastfeeding to suffer from it. The ducts and nipple of one or both breasts can become cracked and infected leading to pain and itchiness which you may need to see your GP about if it persists.

mastitis breastfeeding

It’s so tempting to overlook a simple itch, but if it’s a consistent problem, it can affect daily life and might be worth getting checked out with your GP. We hope however we’ve provided some insight into why your breasts might be itchy, and how to combat it. Have you found another common reason why your boobs may be itchy? Let us know in the comments below.

Grace x

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