It’s the million dollar question for all us girls – do your breasts stop growing? We all know boobs start to develop as puberty kicks in and they tend to stop around the time puberty ends, but is this the case for everyone?

Boob growth starts between the ages of 8 and 13 and everywhere we’ve read generally says they tend to stop around 17 or 18. However, is this really the case? Many factors during this time can affect growth, but it’s generally down to the pituitary gland. This little guy (or girl) is responsible for the human growth hormone that stimulates growing during puberty. The amount of hormones it admits varies from person to person which may explain why breast growth continues after the above ages. It could also explain why we all have different breast sizes. Another factor that’s linked to hormones is menstruation. During your cycle, hormone levels are forever changing which can cause your boobs to swell and grow.

Weight loss or gain can also affect the size of your boobs throughout your life. Losing weight means that your breast may decrease in size and gaining weight can mean they grow. The one thing that we cannot control however is genetics. This plays a major part in determining growth, but also shape! If you’re intrigued, you can always ask your mum how her boobs developed and guaranteed yours will be similar!

Pregnancy can also affect your breast growth because the glandular tissue in your breasts grows and proliferates ready for breast feeding. That’s not the end of it for pregnancy though. When these glands shrink, your boobs can go with it, meaning yes, another boob size!

We definitely haven’t got it easy girls, but our answer to the million dollar question is no! Breasts don’t stop growing and we think it’s a pretty rare occurrence to find a woman who hasn’t experienced some sort of breast fluctuation throughout her life. The general consensus around Brastop HQ is pretty much everyone has changed sizes. Let us know if you’ve never varied in size or if you’ve been up and down like a yoyo in the comments.

Grace x

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