The clocks go back this weekend, HURRAH! That means we can say hello to an extra hour in bed and lighter mornings. For some of you, this may mean an extra hour of trying to get comfortable with your boobs. Anyone with large breasts will tell you, finding a comfy sleeping position is quite the mission. But once you have it done, that’s your slumber sorted! For those still on the hunt for those perfect Z’s or just want to try something new, we’ve got the best sleeping positions for when you’ve got big boobs.

Sleeping on your front

Before you swiftly skip past this one, hear us out. Sleeping on your stomach is possible! Myself being a 30H I could never - and I mean never - sleep on my front. Whenever I’d roll over in a sleepy daze, I’d be quick to turn back as it was so uncomfortable. However, now in my mid-twenties, sleeping on my front has never been more comfortable! Don’t ask me what has changed, but it is now my go-to position. If you’ve been ruling out this position for a while, give it another go! Plump yourself up by cuddling a pillow or if you’re feeling fancy, you could try one of those pillows that has a place for your boobs carved out! Yes, those are now a thing.

sleeping beauty

Lying on your back

It’s no surprise that lying on your back seems the most logical for those with large breasts. It takes the pressure off your back and you don’t crush your boobs at the same time. If you tilt your pillow slightly upwards behind you head, it’ll feel extra comfortable while you sleep. If your boobs are quite heavy it can also take the weight off your chest.

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On your side

Sleeping on your side is one of the most common sleeping positions. Propping something like a pregnancy pillow under your bust is amazing for comfort, especially if they’re feeling slightly tender at that time of the month, or even during pregnancy. You can also try the fetal side position. This is where you slightly arch your back and put a bend in your knees. This is again great for if you’re pregnant, as it improves circulation around your body and to the foetus.

fetal position

If you’re struggling to get comfortable or feel like your boobs are getting in the way, give one of the above a go! Or if you just fancy trying something new, you may be like myself and find a position that you’ve hated is now super comfortable. If you still struggle getting comfortable at night, why not try wearing a non-wired bralette? These comfortable, soft and lightly supportive bras are usually styled like a crop top to gently hold your bust in place and can be SO comfortable to sleep in.

What’s your go-to sleeping position? We’d love to know! But until then...

looking forward to sleeping

Grace x

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