Expectation vs reality can happen with so many things in our daily life – cooking, DIY, outfits and more. You name it, we can relate to it. When you purchase that gorgeous new bra for instance, the expectation is that it’s going to be the best thing since slice bread. However, the reality doesn’t always match and that’s okay! We’re going to poke a little fun in relation to this, as no doubt at least one of these has happened to you when it comes to bra wearing or your boobs.

Expectation: You boobs will fill the cups of your new bra perfectly!

Reality: One cup is half empty - it may as well be used as your handbag.


Expectation: This underwiring should be perfectly comfortable all day…

Reality: 2 hours later the stabbing in your armpit feels like it’s cutting you in half.

Expectation: Your bra straps look perfectly fine when you put your bra on in the morning.

Reality: There’s no need to go to the gym because you’ve spent all day lifting them back onto your shoulders, you’ve already had an arm workout.


Expectation: Casually rolling onto your front to find a more comfortable sleeping position.

Reality: Boobs say no.

Expectation: You’re trying a new lingerie brand for the first time, so of course you try your usual size…

Reality: Major quad-boob is happening!


Expectation: Running up the stairs bra-less to grab something quickly.

Reality: Two black eyes later, you’re regretting doing it unsupported.

Expectation: That button up shirt will fit fine round your boobs.

Reality: 2 buttons have already popped and it’s not even midday.


Expectation: Having a day at home, so you pick out your comfiest bra.

Reality: Who are you kidding - home is where the bra isn’t.

We understand the struggles for D+ girls all too well and they can be very real! You can help combat the majority of the above by having tried and tested brands that you know work for your boobs, and we’re here to help! Have you ever encountered any more expectation vs. reality moments when it comes to bra wearing or your boobs? We want to hear them! Comment below with any of your stories.

Grace x

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