Whether you're a keen gym bunny, a yoga lover or just find yourself taking the occasional walk around your local area to keep yourself fit, then a good fitting sports bra is KEY! You shouldn't settle for anything other than maximum support when it comes to exercising, so here are a few tips on signs that you're wearing the wrong sports bra.

1. You wear the same bra to work & exercise in

This is a major no-no. Although amazingly supportive bras are now much easier to find for us fuller bust ladies, this doesn't mean that we should go for a jog in them. They provide great support for much more mundane activities, but for kicking up our heels, we need something much more durable!

2. You find yourself wearing 2 of them

If you've invested in a great sports bra then you absolutely won't need to wear 2 of them. Trust us, take the plunge! Plus, 2 sports bras can't be comfy!?

Panache Grey Marl D+ Full Bust Sports braPanache Wired Sports Bra - Grey Marl RRP £42

3. You only wear cotton

Cotton is lovely - it's soft and it washes well, but when it comes to a sports bra it couldn't be worse. The sweat we create will stretch out the bra, making it unsupportive and slack. It also soaks up the sweat, staying wet and soggy... YUCK!

4. The straps are causing your shoulder pain

If your straps are so tight you find your neck and shoulders aching in pain then you definitely need to try an alternative size. This generally means that your back band isn't tight enough, as that is were most of your support should be coming from.

5. Your boobs resemble that of a sausage

If you're struggling with 'uniboob' then you're going much worse problems for yourself. Sweat rash, pimples & potentially fungal infections. that's right! Always look for a sports bra that has separated cups as this allows the air to circulate and flow around your boobs, helping to avoid problems that too much moisture can cause, it's also more supportive, win!

d+ cup sized sports brasPour Moi Energy Non-Wired Sports Bra White RRP £26

6. Your boobs hurt as soon as you do anything physical

You shouldn't feel any pain when wearing the right sports bra, so when you try one on, don't be afraid to jog on the spot or do a couple of star jumps to test it out. You want to see as little movement as possible.

7. It's more than 6 months old

Time's up! Time to get a new one. Like regular bras, sports bras have a life span of around 3-6 months, which is exactly why you should be signed up to our email newsletters, to ensure that you don't miss out on any of our amazing offers! There are things you can do to help keep them in great form, treat them like your fancy bras and hand wash them. You can save time by doing it in the shower and never, I repeat, never, put them in the dryer! We have an entire blog on bra care, which may tickle your fancy here - Hand Washing vs Machine Washing Bras

Luckily for you, we only stock the best when it comes to sports bras, so head on over to our D+ Sports Bras collection and keep those puppies perky during your next work out!

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