Have you heard of the way you put on a bra can say a lot about you? Well we’ve taken this and put another spin on it. We’re a sucker for a Star Sign. Every Sunday in the YOU magazine that’s the first place I go before the fashion and beauty, and always find a way to relate to my daily life. And then I thought - our Star Sign can actually depict what type of lingerie you sway towards and then this post was born! Want to see what it says about your choices? Then keep reading…


The red colour of lingerie suits an Aries perfectly. Red is the undisputed favourite that never goes out of fashion. The natural boldness of an Aries is often reflected in their underwear; among it you can find sets with a lot of lace and even leather!

star signs as lingerie ariesPour Moi Sensation in Red is perfect for an Aries!


Sexy underwear is a must for a Taurus. It can be multi-coloured, contrasting, patterned or even delicately soft that has enviable femininity for Taurus ladies. Generally, the underwear of the Venus representatives is an integral part of their image. A large role is played by colours, which are usually selected depending on mood.

star signs as lingerie taurusScantilly Indulge Me Lace Body in Black suits a Taurus to a T.


Airy and easy to move the Gemini’s prefer to stick to minimalism, believing that lingerie should show as many charms as possible. They tend to lean towards sheer fabrics or nude tones.

star signs as lingerie geminiCurvy Kate Lifestyle in Latte makes for easy breezy Gemini style.


Pink, sassy lingerie would be the choice for Cancer ladies. Pink has a flirtatious connotation which they love and love to share - either with their other halves or just themselves. For the more energetic Cancers, pastel colours are more suitable as they create a calm and relaxed effect; soft blues, pale yellows, silver, cream and champagnes.

curvy kate flutterby lilacCurvy Kate Flutterby in Lilac/Pink is a mix of pastels perfect for a Cancer!


The orange colour has a very similar energy to the red. Leo’s admire sunny shades like gold, amber and copper and look great on a range of skin tones. The lioness also loves a splash of leopard or tiger print of course - rawr!

star signs as lingerie leoGossard Glossies in Sheer Leopard is a roar-some choice for Leos.


They tend to stay away from bright colours. Earthy neutrals like khakis, browns and dark beiges reflect their character; and elegant designs like long silky night gowns, chiffon chemises or camisoles are their go-to styles.

curvy kate luxe star signs as lingerie virgoCurvy Kate Luxe in Caramel is the perfect earthy hue for a Virgo.


If lingerie could come to life, Libra’s would be Dita Von Teese. Sophistication and femininity are two of the main qualities Libra’s look for in their lingerie. Velvet, satin, and lace in rich tones are what they are drawn to with theatrical effects.

star signs as lingerie libraContradiction by Pour Moi Intense in Black/Red is a great match for a Libra.


Scorpios look to be seductive so corsets and basques are one of the main aspects of their lingerie wardrobe. They too go for satin, lace and sheerer fabrics to carter for this sassy part of their personality.

star signs as lingerie scorpioScantilly's Surrender Basque in Black just *screams* Scorpio!


Sagittariuses are interesting and fun which is reflected in their choice of underwear. They’re forever young at heart and love to try new things. They don’t care too much for black or darker colours but prefer classic styles and shapes. They could also be partial to a stocking or two.

star signs as lingerie sagittariusCurvy Kate's Doodle Balconette Bra is a fun print that's ideal for a Sagittarius!


These ladies choose classic black or white underwear and a minimum of frills and extra trimmings. White is normally chosen by ladies who are quite confident and looking for people with serious intentions.

star signs as lingerie capricornFlirtelle's Swirl in White is simple yet pretty, hitting all the right notes for Capricorns.


On the contrary to a Capricorn, they’re partial to a bit of sequin and diamante and all the embellishments they can get. Violet is one of their favourite colours for lingerie which has an aristocratic feel to it. It can be a range of shades from deep purple to more pastel lilacs which gives off a mysterious air.

star signs as lingerie aquariusCurvy Kate Sparks Fly in Latte/Silver is full of glitz and sparkle for an Aquarius!


Finally and by no means least are the Pisces ladies. Like an Aquarius, anything that shimmers or has a touch of glitter gets them going. The brighter the shades the better. However there can be some Pisces who prefer darker tones such as emeralds, sapphires and turquoise that are associated with the deep sea.

star signs as lingerie pisces
Curvy Kate Victory in Teal makes a fab bold choice for a Pisces.

Does your star sign match up with what lingerie you’d go for? Tell us in the comments below!

Grace x

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