Your summer holiday is fast approaching and you’re yet to find the perfect poolside companion – and we don’t mean your favourite cocktail! Bikinis seem like the most common choice when it comes to choosing swimwear, they’re all over the high street and let’s face it, they’re ideal for getting the best tan possible. But if you’re looking for a bit more coverage, what do you do? Swimsuits are an obvious choice, but there’s also tankinis which are often overlooked! Both styles have their own pros and cons, but they both offer that extra coverage and security that you just can’t get from a classic bikini.

Now, the high street generally stock their offerings in standard clothing sizes, so when you’re a D+ gal it can be even harder trying to find something suitable! Do you stick to your regular clothes size and risk the dreaded quad-boob or do you size up to fit your boobs in and then have a baggy swimsuit everywhere else?! Neither of them are a great look, and that’s where we come in. We’ve got a huge range of stylish tankinis and swimsuits from leading brands that come in actual bra sizes so you can be sure to get the best possible fit for ultimate poolside confidence.

panache anya riva tankini
Panache Anya Riva Tankini Black


Think of a tankini as being the tank top or vest top of the swimwear world. They come in a variety of colours, shapes and styles, from halterneck to strapless and nautical stripes to plain, and just like your regular bras they come in padded and non-padded versions too!

With built-in bras, tankinis promise all the support of your regular bras both in and out of the water while giving you that extra coverage for your stomach. The advantages of a tankini are being able to mix and match your briefs and pick a style that you prefer, whereas with a swimsuit you’re stuck with one design. If you’re looking to tan, then you can easily roll the body of the tankini up to catch the rays on your torso!

curvy kate rush tankini white
Curvy Kate Rush Tankini White

Tankinis also work well for those who have a shorter or longer torso thanks to their vest top design. If you’re tall, you’ll likely find that the average swimsuit just isn’t long enough to fit comfortably and if you’re short, the cups generally won’t be in the right place to support your boobs!

The middle ground between bikinis and swimsuits, a tankini offers versatility, customisability and value for money as you can mix and match your favourite tankinis and bikini briefs for a look that suits you and your destination! An ideal choice for those who just can’t get behind the idea of a skimpy bikini, but don’t want the limitations of a one piece swimsuit.

d+ cup swimsuit curvy kate wrapsody black
Curvy Kate Wrapsody Swimsuit Black


A classic one piece swimsuit offers a simple style with elegance and sophistication. Similarly to tankinis, they come in a range of shapes and styles so you can get one that fits in with you and your destination.

Our selection of bra sized swimsuits ensure you’ve got perfect support up top where you need it most thanks to the built-in bras, while the sleek body section tends to be fitted and contours to your curves to give a sleek silhouette. Many swimsuits also feature a lightweight control panel in the front, so if you’re looking for something to smooth your tummy then this could be for you!

pour moi sea breeze swimsuit
Pour Moi Sea Breeze Swimsuit

Another swimsuit advantage is that the top won’t roll up! Because it’s a solid one piece, there’s no chance that it will flap about in the water and ride up your torso. If you’re planning on going to a lot of water parks or will be doing some intense swimming, then a swimsuit will provide that extra bit of security thanks to its fitted design so you can be worry-free, which is one thing a tankini doesn’t always offer.

While a swimsuit is a fixed one piece suit meaning there’s not much room for customisation or mixing and matching styles, you can at least be confident in the fact that you look coordinated and cool without putting in much effort! You also won’t be stuck in that awkward situation where you arrive to your hotel and realise that you’ve packed your swimwear top but not the bottoms like I have before…

Take a look at our full range of tankinis and swimsuits, available from D to K cup sizes and 28 to 44 bands including full price and clearance styles. We’ve got loads of gorgeous ranges on offer from the likes of Curvy Kate, Flirtelle, Panache, and Pour Moi and we’re sure you’ll find something you like! Would you choose a tankini or a swimsuit for your next getaway? As always, let us know in the comments below.

LJ x

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