As you know, at Brastop we're all about helping women feel fabulous about their curves! We stock a huge range of bras from your everyday essentials to sexy, showstopping styles - because D+ cup girls want to have fun, too! We also believe in showing you what bras look like on bodies and boobs you can relate to, which is why we love sharing your gorgeous customer snaps. We reached out to one of our long-term Brastop Babes, Sara (who you may know from Instagram as hexedboudoirbabycloset), to see if she'd be interested in showcasing some of our favourite sets from the Scantilly lingerie collection. We loved shooting with Sara, and think she looks amazing in everything we put her in! It's also great to see how different styles of bra fit her particular bust shape, and we hope it gives some of you a better idea of how things will look on you.

scantilly lingerie styles 30hh model

Here's what Sara had to say about her mini-shoot with us:

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of shooting with the wonderful team at Brastop for a brand highlight on Scantilly by Curvy Kate. I’m a massive advocate of sexy bras for the fuller bust, so I was beyond excited to visit the headquarters, as well as try on so many different styles I hadn’t tried before! I was greeted by the wonderful Lucy-Jayne who works in the social media department of Brastop, and went into the studio where she showed me what the plan was and what we were going to shoot, I was so thrilled!

scantilly lingerie on a 30HH size medium alternative pin-up model
Sara wears Indulge Me Black in M, and Peek-a-Boo Lace in 30HH & M

What I love about Scantilly

Scantilly is what every fuller bust girls’ dreams are made of, hands down! Being an H cup, it’s always been really difficult to find bras that were my style. You normally end up finding full cups with some outdated patterns, or other style bras, that were a little too everyday for my taste. What I love about Scantilly is that they’re fun, different, but also supportive! From half cups to strappy details, I love how you’re able to pair their lingerie with your outerwear in so many different ways. Scantilly makes me feel empowered, as well as sexy, and I love it!

scantilly harnessed lingerie set 30HH
Sara wears Harnessed in 30HH & M

My favourite Scantilly set

One of my most favourite sets by Scantilly would have to be ‘Harnessed’. I love the leathery detail and how there are so many different ways you can style it with the extra straps! It’s also a half cup, which is one of my favourite styles of bra. I love to pair mine with the matching high waisted bottoms, as they’re super comfy and work so well with the bra! It’s a very trendy yet classy set, which I love to wear whatever the occasion. I find it very hard to get bored of ‘Harnessed’, I still haven’t decided what’s my favourite way to wear it, the options are endless!

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Love, Sara x

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