Have you ever reallllllllly wanted to wear that backless dress and just thought – no way, I definitely need a bra?

Well Brastop has the answer - Bye Bra! – Yes, literally.

Bye bra provides a range of products that can allow us bigger busted ladies to go braless. Its party proof, invisible and waterproof so almost too good to be true. The one that gets the highest rating from us is the Adhesive Breast Lift Tape with Silk and/or Silicone Nipple Covers. These are specifically made for bigger boobs – amazing!

Bye Bra

Bye Bra 2

Bye Bra 3

Just to show how incredible the products really are, it’s been tried and tested by the ladies at Brastop HQ and it gets a MASSIVE thumbs up! For those just wanting that extra bit of security in a low cut top, we also have Dress Tape in clear, which is completely undetectable when in place with its 3m adhesive, so it’s secure enough for day or night but easily removed when needed.

Bye Bra 5

You can also buy the silicone and silk nipple covers separately or within the Breast Lift Tape packs. It doesn’t matter which one you go for as they’re both equally as great. If you want more coverage I’d go for the silicone covers, which are also reusable. The silk covers I’d say are perfect for everyday wear due to their silk-like feeling making them super comfortable to wear which is exactly what you want day to day.

Bye Bra 4

Bye Bra is perfect for the upcoming party season or all year round for nights out! So if you’ve ever wanted to bust out that backless, racer back or just any dress or top without a bra, Bye Bra is your pal!

Have you ever used anything like Bye Bra before and it’s not gone as planned? We challenge you to give Bye Bra a go and let us know how you get on via our Twitter or Facebook page as we’d love your feedback!

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Grace x

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