As I’m approaching mid 20’s I’m thankfully getting as far away from my teens as possible. Everyone has those stressy days when they’re like ‘oh to be a teenager again with no worries!’ which is true to an extent. But when you look back there’s a lot more you went through than you think. And at the time it definitely seemed like a lot bigger issue then when you think about it now. But we want to put a light hearted spin on it so here is a selection of tips I would give to my teen self!

If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

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Let’s face it – girls can be catty. Especially in click-y girl groups back in high school, it’s hard to go a day without a drama – even if it is as little as your hair not doing what you want it to that day. But even if someone is having a bitch, don’t get involved.

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You’re your own worst critic – if there’s ever a more appropriate saying it’s ‘don’t listen the haters!’

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Being part of the ‘popular group’ is only fun until you’re the one they turn on. Not worth it!

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You may think you love him, but there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

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Go with your gut – just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it right.

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It’s not the end of the world – laugh it off and cry about it when you’re on your own.

Laughing to Crying

And lastly, enjoy it! It’s probably the only time in your life you should be completely care-free, and be going out with your friends and enjoy being young! Unless you’re all like us in the office desperately trying to win the Euro Millions Jack Pot every week so we can still be care-free now!

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Grace x

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