After doing my spring clear out I was looking for inspiration on how to organise my lingerie drawer... for someone with over 30 sets of lingerie my drawer(s) can easily get pretty messy.

I came a cross a few ideas that will hopefully help you as much as it helped me. There are three options that stand out to me which I'd like to try instead of trying to stuff everything in a big drawer.

Separate compartments

- This idea I think will work best for knickers only I think - Ikea sells these storage compartments in different sizes that can fix into most drawers. It's a good way to group our knickers into comfy, sexy, shorts, thongs etc might save you a few seconds when getting ready or trying to find a specific one.

lingerie drawer organisation compartments insert


- This is similar to the first one but I think it works better for bra, especially big bras like mine! This where you fold the cups into each other or cup to cup to retain moulded shapes - you can categorise them like your knickers or you can organise them in shades from light to dark or by favouritism.

lingerie drawer organisation sets colours grouping

Matched Sets

- If you're like me and have a lot of matching sets this might be best but you'll need to have the space - you can choose to match them up and fold them into your drawers - Best way I found was to determine what sets you use often and keep them as upfront as possible so you don't 'upset the flow'. Another way of organising with this option is to hang matching sets (either separately or in shades) on hangers but like I said you'll need wardrobe space for this... You can hang them like illustrated, hang them like they are in shops or hang them around the neck.

lingerie drawer hanging organising bras

I've chosen to use all three options - I only use the matching sets option for my special occasion sets and the other two are used as described above. So how do you organise your lingerie drawer? We'd love to know!

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