If you’re like us, you’re quite precious about your lingerie, so the way you store it is a big deal. Some people aren’t bothered and just bung it in a draw, which is okay, but we love looking for new innovative ways to store our growing collection. For all of you out there like us – this post is for you! We’ve put together a few of storage hacks that we think are both fun and nifty:

It’s better to keep your padded bras laid out flat rather than folding one cup inside the other. It can destroy the fibres in the moulding, make the cups bumpy and shorten the life of the bra. For this we suggest dedicating a whole draw just to your lingerie where you can lay each padded bra one inside the other. It looks super pretty and organised too.

bra storage

The organiser inside of us is going crazy for this

Short on space? You can hang your smalls using multiple hangers under each other. This way they’re sure to keep their shape as well as freeing up a draw.

bra storage ideas

We're definitely considering hanging all our cute sets up...

Draw dividers/organisers are a god-send – plastic or wood, you can get them customised depending on the size of your draws and this way, each of your bras has its very own section to sit in. It’ll look as good as the inside of a shop!

bra storage drawer dividers

Organisation central!

If all of your bras are non-padded you can get cute hanging baskets to place all your lingerie in. You can hang them from any door, or even off a hanger in your wardrobe which also saves space.

bra case storage

Keep your bras protected while you travel!

This one is a bit of fun – travel a lot? Or just fancy getting a bra case.. yes bra CASE for your lingerie! Then this is perfect for you. I mean we don’t travel a lot but we just need this. SO.CUTE. Is it too late to add it to our Christmas list??

bra kitty travel case

Those frills are just too cute!

It’s safe to say, we’re all about the presentation when it comes to our bra storage. How do you store your smalls? Any ways we haven’t mentioned? Leave us a little comment below!

Grace x

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