Many of you probably scoffed at the title of this post – anyone above a D cup surely can’t go braless! Well, that’s where we’re about to prove you wrong. With a little help from our friends at Bye Bra (a pretty fitting name) it’s now possible for D+ girls to enjoy a bra-free life! Or for up to 8-10 hours, depending the occasion. I’ll quit jabbering on and explain all…

Bye Bra, AKA our godsend, have created a range of adhesive breast lift tapes that are as easy as pie to put on and lift your bust as a bra would. Pretty amazing right!? We’ve all been there where we’ve tried to leave the house braless, but it just feels like you’re wearing a sign that shouts ‘I’M NOT WEARING A BRA!.’ But with Bye Bra, you don’t have too! Available in two different sizes; D-F cup and F-H cup, they’ve got you sorted.

bye bra breast lift tape

Bye Bra live in action - look at that lift!

bye bra tape for backless dresses

You can now rock that backless dress like Curvy Kate's PR & Marketing Manager, Hannah

So how do they work? It’s as easy as this – simply remove the bottom half of the sticker, and place it around the top half of your nipple. Once you’ve done this, peel back the top half of the sticker, gently lifting your bust and placing the sticker down and voila! Your bust is lifted and in place for up to 10 hours! So if you’re planning on wearing them all day or for just the night, they’ll have you covered. They’re also waterproof, so they’re perfect if you want an added lift under your swimwear.

You can complete the look with either silk or silicone nipple covers which are included in the pack, depending on which one you select. They’re also available in two skin tones – ticking all the boxes! We’ve tried them out in the office and they get a MASSIVE thumbs up. Resident Curvy Kate model Lotte is also a fan:

Lotte Bye Bra

Lotte rocking the Bye Bra Breast Lift Tape cup F-H with Silk Nipple Covers

Silk Silicone Nipple Covers

Available with either silk or silicone nipple covers

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So girls, you no longer have to worry about chilly nipple or fear you’ll hit someone in the face with a boob if you make any sudden movements!

Grace x

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