Who do we love the most here at Brastop? Our loyal customers of course! And for this reason, we’re starting a new Customer Spotlight feature on our blog so we get a chance to showcase that and show how much we appreciate you!

Our first feature this month is the lovely Becky of Honestly, Becky!, who tells us a bit about herself and her love for lingerie and blogging! We hope you enjoy!

Becky's Boudoir

Tell us a little bit about yourself – where do you live, do you have kids, what age are you (not compulsory!)

    I’m Becky, the lingerie blogger behind HonestlyBecky.com, based in Richmond, North Yorkshire – I am the ‘Lass of Richmond Hill’ HA HA! I’m 33 and live with my fiancé whom I’ve been engaged to for a massive 16 years. Sadly no kids as yet (I miscarried in the summer) but, as a massive animal lover, we share our home with three guinea pigs and two house rabbits.

    How long have you been shopping on Brastop?

      I first started shopping at Brastop several years ago after I found I was one of those women wearing the totally wrong size. As a bargain hunter it didn’t take me long to discover Brastop, which was such a relief – and a joy! – to find. Gorgeous bras I actually want to wear at crazy love prices, now that’s my ideas of heaven!

      What’s your current size and how has it changed over the years? Have you found it’s varied at all?

        I mostly wear a 30H, but I find brands can vary so much so I can wear a range of sizes including a 30GG, 30HH and 32G too. Hormones totally influence breast change. I believe the pill has strongly influenced by bra size throughout the years. I also found my boobs grew when I became pregnant this year, but even though I ended up losing the baby I never lost the increase. Life would be so much easier if boobs stayed as they were, but at least we have an excuse for new bras!

        Do you have any funny/embarrassing bra related stories you want to tell us?

          When I first began developing in my early teens I *hated* the changes and refused to wear a crop top, let alone a bra. I remember having a hugely embarrassing tantrum getting fitted for a bridesmaid dress when I was thirteen, all because I didn’t want anyone to see my bra-less baby boobs. How distraught I would have been to know my future self was obsessed with bras! *Shock* I also have bra nightmares! I look back at old modelling photos and just cringe at the badly fitted bras I wore. I’d refuse to wear anything too small now, not only does it look painful but I think it can be pretty damaging territory harming your breast tissue.

          Where is your dream holiday location and what lingerie or swimwear would you pack for it?

            Would you believe it that I’ve never had a foreign holiday?! I’ve never liked the idea of leaving my pets behind for a long time, but sometimes I do wish I would just go on holiday guilty-free. Somewhere hot and tropical would be bliss and I’d pack as many Freya and Curvy Kate Bikinis I could get away with.

            Would you class yourself as a lingerie addict/how many bras do you own? If so how would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10?

              As I’m a lingerie blogger I constantly have bras and knickers on the brain, but even when I think I’m ‘off duty’ I still find myself bee-lining to lingerie departments. I got way too excited when, on a craft supplies jaunt, I found a fat quarter of bra patterned fabric. What’s ridiculous is I still haven’t used it for any sewing project because I like it so much. How much of a lingerie addict am I? Ha, I’m off the scale.

              How do you store your lingerie? Do you have special storage or are you a bung-it-in-a-draw type of girl?

                I have several methods of storage for my underwear. Much like everyone else, my everyday knickers go in a little drawer, while my bras are stored away in a luggage type case so they’re kept neat and safe. I like to lay padded and moulded bras open so they’re less prone to damage. Under my bed I have two big storage boxes where you’ll find all my exciting pieces such as corsets and waspies, suspenders, stockings and lingerie sets that I keep aside for modelling photo shoots or special occasions.

                What social media channels do you use? (Can share your twitter/Instagram username if you like)

                  I’m on Twitter @honestly_becky, Instagram @honestly_becky and Facebook Honestly, Becky and not forgetting my blog where all the magic happens: honestlybecky.com

                  Thanks so much to Becky for being involved!

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