A photograph of a curvy mannequin from a department store in Sweden swept through the internet sparking a global debate. The mannequin in question is said to be around a size 14, boasting a softer stomach and fuller thighs than the average high street equivalent.

However, some bloggers in America have questioned whether the fuller figured mannequin does more to encourage obesity rather than reflect the shape of real women... This is our opinion...

Are Curvy Mannequins Promoting Obesity?

Firstly, I would say we are all REAL women, no matter what shape, size, colour or religion! Secondly, I love that high street stores in Sweden are using different shapes and sizes for their mannequins because we are all different shapes and sizes... FACT! However, a mannequin can hardly encourage anyone to become obese... we don't walk walk around looking at stick thin mannequins and think they are promoting the opposite do we?

I think it's great to show what clothes would look like on a different shape and figure and it's nice to be represented, as a curvy girl myself I know the struggles of finding clothes to suit my shape and although clothes would never fit you the same as how it looks on a mannequin it does add some imagination to what might work or suit that shape.

Also with the average size of a UK mannequin coming in at 5ft 10" tall and usually a size 8 - 10 compared to the Swedish curvy mannequin... I'd say it would be nice to have a few different shapes and sizes in our high street especially as it is said the average UK size is now size 16... wouldn't you agree?

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