As you know, we’re all about getting more and more knickers, but today we’re thinking of those of you out there who like to switch it up. According to a poll carried out by Vanity Fair, 25% of people admit to going sans underwear at least sometimes. Of this 25%, 13% said they do it occasionally. You know we’re one to embrace all things so you can’t knock it till you’ve tried it. And let’s face it; you’ll never have to worry about VPL again. So if you’re a regular or want to try it out – we’ve got all the things you should ask yourself before taking the plunge and going commando!

Commando Gif

Are you playing a sport??

Whether you’re going for a light jog or full on high intensity work out, you probably want to make sure your parts are covered, and will stay that way. Nothing says ‘nice knowing you’ more than your pants being accidentally pulled down by your best friend.

Am I wearing a skirt?

This can go one of two ways. Wearing a loose skirt can be nice and breezy, but can also become a scary moment in public. You can imagine the picture we’re painting here.

Taking public transport?

Chances are your method of public transport isn’t sanitised on a daily basis (or ever). Avoid making seriously personal contact with your neighbour’s and their neighbour’s germs and maybe give this situation a miss.

Will I encounter a balcony today?

Granted this isn’t an everyday occurrence for a lot of people, but you never know what’s going to happen and you might want to avoid any unexpected views from below.

Going shopping?

Probably not best to whip your kit off if you’re not donning any underwear that day. You’ll just have to imagine what that dress would look like with the correct underwear on.

I hope we’ve given you some food for thought the next time you’re feeling the knicker-free vibes. And for all of you not wanting to try it – you never know when you might forget one day!

Grace x

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