Sore boobs are never fun, it's distracting, it's uncomfortable and it's down right annoying! It's also something that shouldn't be ignored, after all, your boobs have feelings too, so figure out the problem and treat 'em right!

1. You're PMSing

One of the most common causes of sore boobs is that devil of a hormone change we go through once a month. The shift in estrogen in the body causes swelling and tenderness. Unfortunately this is something that we can't avoid, but we can help cushion the blow (literally) by making sure that we are absolutely wearing the correct and most supportive size for us during that time. We don't have any advice for bad moods and cravings though - sorry!

2. Your workouts are lacking support

It's important to wear the right size every day and make sure our bra is supporting us properly, but sadly, our everyday bras just don't cut it when it comes to the gym. A sports bra is an investment and keeps those babies safe!

3. You're going extra hard at the gym

Maybe you've bought the best sports bra there is but you're eyes are still watering every time you move. This isn't actually breast pain; it's simply the muscles sitting behind our boobs that have been over worked. You can thank those extra push ups for that!

4. You've pulled something

It's possible that you've strained the muscle above by lifting something, this will eventually heal it's self, but heat pads can really help to soothe the pain.

5. Your bra doesn't fit properly

Knew we would sneak that in eventually, didn't you? We hate to say it, again, but it's the number one thing that you should check if you're boobs are sore. We have tons of advice in our fitting guide so check it out and make sure you're keeping your bust happy!

What do you do to soothe sore boobs? Let us know on Twitter @Brastop!

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