Sharing how you feel about your breasts to the rest of the world can be a huge challenge for many women.

However, this is not the case for the brave 100 women who have posed, topless, for an upcoming book titled, Bare Reality.

The women were asked to answer one question, the type of question dreaded by most women.

'How do you feel about your breasts?'

bare reality by laura dodsworth

The book, by photographer Laura Dodsworth, was started when Laura began feeling frustrated at how breasts were portrayed in the media, feeling that they were seen as an 'unobtainable ideal' to other women.

Laura describes her vision for the book:

"I felt compelled to embark on a personal exploration of what it means to be a woman. To understand women’s experiences through their body. I wanted to re-humanize women through honest photography and interviews, present our breasts as they really are and burst the ‘fantasy bubble’ of the youthful, idealized and sexualized breasts presented by the media."

The book shows women of all ages, 19 to 101 to be exact, off all shapes, sizes (AAA to K cup) and ethnicity and encourages women to feel proud of their bodies despite the way the size of their breasts or the way they may look.

Laura is the 100th person to be photographed and featured in the book and she hopes that the project will empower women and encourage them to realize that they are not alone in feeling negative emotions when it comes to their breasts.

For each book sold, a £1 donation will be made to Breast Cancer UK.

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