Do you remember when you first starting wearing a bra? Although you may have buying bras down to a T at this point in your life, it wasn’t always the case. Reaching that milestone age of going to get your first bra was exciting yet also embarrassing for some. It was the biggest thing you had to worry about. As we got older, the experience definitely got easier, but we’ll never forget those cringe-worthy moments that are almost like a rite of passage to experience. So here are some weird and wonderful things you probably remember from that very first trip.

1. You were secretly relieved you could finally fit in one. Little did we know that once they started sprouting there was no stopping them!

2. Your mum was definitely more excited than you. She’d been planning the shopping trip for weeks, and was ready and waiting with the 'aww's. It was also discussed for months with all the other mums – cheers.

3. If you went with a friend, she wanted to come in the changing room and see what the fuss was about. She hadn’t got one yet so wanted to mentally prepare through you.

4. Being semi-naked in front of your mum AND a sale assistant you’d never met before brought on a nervous sweat. You were already going into the awkward teenage phase, but this was just adding fuel to the fire.

5. You were so glad you could finally throw out that unsightly vest. But secretly you were going to miss it…

6. Even though they were only lightly padded and had zero underwiring, it felt like the weirdest thing EVER.

7. We’ll never forget all the girly/childish prints. Pink polka dots - check! Ribbons and stars - check! Cupcakes - check! Thanks to this it was definitely seen through your school shirt, which all the boys loved pointing out.

8. The numbers meant absolutely nothing to you. 28AA? I’ll go with whatever this sales assistant is telling me just as long as I can put my top back on. Now we know all the numbers and letters are very essential.

9. Your siblings were guaranteed to make fun of you, because that’s just what they do.

10. You weren’t even sure you needed it, but you didn’t want to be the last one in your friendship group without one.

Whether you loved or hated it, it was definitely one to remember! Have you got a first bra shopping story to share? Let us know in the comments! You can also share your bra purchases with us using our hashtag #LoveMyBrastop and you could win a set of your choice next month!

Grace x

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