It's January and the talk of exercise is everywhere and although you are probably sick of it by now, you may want to take a look at this...

Research was done on roughly 9.4 million people in the UK and yet an estimated (and shocking) 3 million of us don't take part in any form of exercise.

So this year, Sport England have launched a very unique campaign, one that I and I'm sure you, have never seen the likes of before. The campaign is called 'This Girl Can' and instead of using the predictably toned, super women that grace our Instagram newsfeeds, they've decided to use the everyday woman - finally! They have featured these women, cellulite, jiggle and all to encourage other women to feel motivated to get up... and get out!

The other main focus, was to help those in fear of exercise. Executive Director Tanya Joseph said "we did lots of research and there was one single unifying theme - fear of judgement." That's right, judgement!

The truth is that many of us don't want to exercise for fear of being judged. We hate getting changed in front of others, getting sweaty, not being fit enough and wearing tight clothes. So is this the same for you - is there a reason why you don't exercise?


I will admit that when I first started doing yoga I was petrified at the thought of others laughing at me for my stiff and shaking downward facing dog or the fact that corpse position seemed to be the only one that I could master. However after my first class I felt no judgement from others, in fact I felt respected for doing my very best and completing the class. After, I felt empowered and although I had a lot to learn, I felt a sense of pride for getting up and doing something active.

So take a look at this new advert and I hope you all get the same sense of motivation from it that I did. Watching these gorgeous, everyday women strut their stuff with such a big smile on their faces has made me desperate to do something I never thought I would have the courage to do... sign up to my local Zumba class!

Wondering where to start with getting yourself ready to get active? Take a look at our sports bra guide to help decide which style is best for you!


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