With our routines thrown out of the window and outdoor activity down to a minimum (anyone else finding themselves missing their walk to work?), we’ve all been feeling a bit lethargic and inactive – but there are tons of online and app-based activities to keep us moving and get our blood pumping! None of us here at Brastop HQ are fitness experts, but here are our top recommendations we think you'll enjoy:

brastop team fitness apps ddp yoga

Lucy-Jayne – DDPYoga

“It’s not your momma’s yoga!” I started this on a free trial to see if it was finally something that I’d be able to stick with. I’ve tried countless free and paid online workout plans and programmes but end up losing motivation very quickly with them, but not with DDPY. You don’t need any special equipment for it, just a yoga mat if you have one, and it focuses on dynamic resistance – using your body’s own force. Super low impact with no running, no jumping and no lifting, DDPY is really motivational and is great for just keeping active and getting yourself moving without doing anything too intense. It has something for all levels - from bed workouts to chairs, to floor and eventually standing up - so no matter what your experience level or fitness goal is you can join in!

brastop staff workout wellness apps urban

Amy – UrbanApp

We recently had Urban in the office for a day of amazing massages, so we know how good they are! They launched their 'Stay at Home club' digital service shortly after we started working from home and allows you to book 1 on 1 video sessions with a practitioner for anything from Personal Training to Yoga and even Mindfulness. It's pay-per-session so you aren't tied into anything and you can book a time that suits you. Having something booked in (that I've paid for) means I'm more likely to actually do it!

brastop staff workout fitness apps freeletics

Paul – Freeletics

I've been using the Freeletics app now since January (one resolution I managed to keep!). Since lockdown started, I've moved onto using the 'Get Fit' and 'Lose Weight' programmes on there as these can be done at home in my spare room. I don't have any equipment, it's not needed and most workouts just involve repetitions of simple exercises like the plank, sit-ups or lunges. The workouts last between 15 and 30 minutes and each exercise has an instructional video so you can get the technique correct. I really look forward to my evening session now once I down tools working, and at the end of every session you get a big round of applause which is always welcome!

brastop staff online workouts fitness apps yoga with adriene

Ida – Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is something to keep me active during the lazy days in isolation. It is just too easy to wake up 5 minutes before jumping on your laptop to do some work in your pj's, while stuffing your face with quarantine treats that were supposed to last you weeks but you ate them all in one day… So, I needed something to stretch my lazy bones and ensure that I can leave my chair by the end of the day without cramps. Super easy for beginners, it helps you to clear your mind and stretch your body out, or to build up some strength up if you are up for a more advanced workout. Even just 20 minutes a day can make a difference and it will help you maintain some sense of normality in your life! So, get your dusty mat out and give it a go!

brastop staff joe wicks bodycoach online fitness workout

Tracey – Joe Wicks/The Body Coach

I signed up Joe Wicks a few years back when he launched his 90-day plan, so while I am working from home, I thought I would go old school and start it again. You can find loads of his workouts on YouTube, I am starting with the beginner’s workout which is 30 seconds of exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest, repeat 15 times! All you need is a sports bra and trainers and you’re good to go. It takes max 20 minutes and is really effective.

brastop staff couch to 5k c25k fitness work out apps

Becky – Couch to 5k

I used to run almost daily. I'd love nothing more than throwing my trainers and headphones on and forgetting about the world. Unfortunately life and work commitments put a stop to this 3-4 years ago. Since being in lockdown I've taken running back up using the NHS Couch to 5k app. It takes you through a slow and steady progression from walking for 90 seconds, running for 60, right to a half an hour run! Running is so good for getting those endorphins going and I'm now really looking forward to getting out for my daily exercise (while keeping a safe distance, of course)!

So there you have it - grab your sports bra and keep yourself moving! Whether you're looking for something you can do indoors to replace your normal out-of-the-home activities or you just want to try something new, why not give one of these a try? Let us know if you have any other suggestions, or if you try any of these out!

Stay safe,
LJ x

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