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  • Breast Shapes - Desktop
  • What breast shape am I?
    7 Breast Shapes Defined

    Here at Brastop we are always spreading the word about how important it is to be wearing the correct back and cup size. In fact, we pride ourselves on it!
    Sometimes, however, it’s easy to forget another crucial element in the task of picking new lingerie: understanding your breast shape.

    Just like the rest of our bodies, our boobs are all perfectly unique, which means that they’re way more complicated than just being ‘big’ or ‘small’.
    Luckily, we have put together this handy guide on the seven main breast shapes which will, in turn, help you to choose which type of bra is perfect for you and, of course, which ones you should be avoiding.

  • Boob Shapes -  Round
  • Round

    As boobs go, these are the archetype, and the shape that many bra manufacturers use to design their new products.

    Round breasts are equally full at the top and bottom, coming to a small point at the nipple.

    Luckily for those with round breasts, there aren’t really any styles that need to be avoided. This said, shaping and structuring is not an issue for this breast shape, so it’s a good idea to choose a thin, unpadded bra with no underwire.

  • East West

    The east west shape, as the name suggests, means that the breasts gravitate towards the outside of the chest.

    Typically, this means that the nipples point outwards and that there is a small gap in the middle of the cleavage. You’re more likely to be this shape if you have smaller boobs.

    Don’t worry though! The direction can easily be changed to forward-facing with the help of a T-shirt bra which also gives your breast shape a smooth silhouette.

  • Boob Shapes - East West
  • Boob Shapes - Side Set
  • Side Set

    You will see some similarities between the side set shape and the previous, east west category.

    Side set boobs will be fuller, however, and the space in between them is generally greater. Killer cleavage can still be achieved for this shape with the help of a plunge bra that pulls the breasts in and up.

    In addition to this, make sure that you are choosing a bra with sturdy side support as this will allow for a more secure fit in the centre.

  • Tear Drop

    What you see is what you get with teardrop shaped boobs! They’re rounded and full at the bottom and slightly less so at the top.

    You’re in for a treat if you have this breast shape as you can pretty much get away with any style of bra, making shopping a breeze.

    A balconette style would be particularly good for providing that amazing cleavage due to its support from the bottom, where the breast is fullest.

  • Boob Shapes - Tear Drop
  • Boob Shapes - Slender
  • Slender

    Slender boobs take a bit of a maths equation to work out!

    They are generally at the smaller end of the scale, slightly fuller at the bottom, slightly thinner at the top, they are longer than they are wide and, finally, the nipples are often pointing downwards.

    To help give a gorgeous bit of oomph for this breast shape, a padded plunge bra is the way to go. For everyday wear, however, a wireless or unlined style is absolutely fine due to your boobs’ small size.

  • Bell Shape

    Like their slender relatives, bell shaped boobs are narrower at the top and fuller at the bottom. This shape tends to be on the larger side, however.

    Due to a fuller bust, you will require a very supportive bra if you have bell shaped breasts.

    This also means that it would be wise to steer clear of balconette styles in order to avoid the dreaded ‘double-boob’ look! Instead, choose something sturdier such as a full cup bra to support your breast shape.

  • Boob Shapes - Bell Shape
  • Boob Shapes - Asymmetric
  • Asymmetric

    As strange as it sounds, nearly every woman has one boob bigger than the other.

    If the size difference is less than about a cup size then it’s normally not noticeable to anyone other than yourself (although it’ important to remember that you should be fitting your bra for the larger breast rather than the smaller one).

    If you’re above about a cup size in difference then you are the asymmetric breast type. Bras with stretch lace are great to mask this and it is also possible to get bras with removable padding that can be taken out of the larger side.

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