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  • D+ Sports Bras buying guide - desktop
    D+ Sports Bras buying guide - mobile
  • Sports Bra Buying Guide

    When it comes to exercise, your boobs go through just as much of a workout as you, if not more!
    For larger cup sizes in particular, high intensity exercise such as running could result in your boobs bouncing in all directions by three inches or more… owch! Unfortunately, when unprotected, this is a way to cause strain on your breasts’ supportive tissue, which can eventually lead to sagging boobs. The worst news of all is that there is absolutely no muscle present in a boob. This means that once the damage is done, it can’t be reversed! Don’t cancel that gym membership just yet though!
    At Brastop we know that the best breast defense is a good offense and a well-designed sports bra that supports you correctly will cut boob movement in half or more! Check out our tips and tricks for buying the perfect sports bra and you’ll be investing in the very best protection for your assets.

  • Sports Bra Types 
 - Encapsulation vs Compression
  • Sports Bra Types

    To start off, there are two main types of sports bra: the compression bra and the encapsulation bra. Across the high street you are likely to find a selection of compression bras which are generally designed for A to C cups, fitting by being pulled over your head rather than by clipping at the back. These give the typical ‘uni-boob’ look associated with traditional sports bras and are designed to squash the breast tissue into your chest so that it can’t move up and down.

    While these are a popular choice for exercise, compression bras are lacking in adequate support, particularly for D+ cup sizes. As a rule, if a bra can be pulled over your head and shoulders, as is the case with compression sports bras, then it’s not going to be strong enough to support D+ cup breasts during physical activity. In addition to this, compression bras do not take into account your boob’s movement from left to right which can also cause damage.

  • Compression and Encapsulation Bra Sizing

    As we specialise in providing sports bras for larger cup sizes here at Brastop, we are encapsulation bra super-fans! More like traditional bras, encapsulation designs have individual cups and work to limit crossover movement from the breasts, valiantly fighting the sag! While compression bras generally come in a choice of small, medium or large, encapsulation bras allow you to choose your exact cup and back size which is essential for creating the correct balance of support between the bra straps and the back band.

  • Compression and Encapsulation Bra Sizing
  • Encapsulation Sports Bra Benefits
  • Encapsulation Sports Bra Benefits

    In addition to choosing your sports bra type, there are several more considerations which should be taken into account, particularly if you are looking to buy one with a large cup size. When making your selection, take a quick look at the sports bra’s straps. The wider the better for these as this will help to distribute the weight of your boobs. If your chosen sports bra also has adjustable straps with some level of padding then you could be onto a winner!

    Moving onto the back band, we previously mentioned that sports bras with clasp backs are, by far, a better choice for support than ones which pull over your head. In addition to this, the more rows of hooks that your bra has, the more support that the back band is going to give you. It’s not unusual for a good sports bra to have four or five rows of hooks!

  • Sports Bras Sizing Rules

    As with your normal bra, there’s no magic trick to finding out your exact sports bra size. Acquiring the holy grail that is a comfortable and supportive sports bra will require some trial and error on the fitting front. If you have never purchased a sports bra before then we recommend that you start off by buying your usual size and don’t be tempted, as some women are, to choose a sports bra with cups that are too small under the impression that these will give more support. This will just cause discomfort and could even do more harm than good to your breast tissue.

    Remember that even if you are buying your normal band size, a sports bra should feel firmer and slightly more encompassing than your normal bra. This doesn’t mean it’s too small, we promise!

  • Sports Bras - Sizing rules
  • Sporta Bra Fitting Tips

    When trying on the size of sports bra that you think will fit you best, there are several tips and tricks that you should try out to ensure the optimum fit. First things first, since a sports bra needs to be tight in order to give the correct levels of support, try putting one finger underneath the band and pulling. The band should not move away from your torso more than around half an inch. If this happens then it’s time to go down a back size!

    Along the same lines, reach for the stars and lift your hands in the air. If the band creeps up when you do this then the same rules apply, the back size has to go down! Our final sizing test is a good way to incorporate your sports bra fitting into your fitness regime, perhaps with some tucks or star jumps. However you want to do it, try jumping up and down several times while trying on your new sports bra. If it’s doing its job correctly then there should be little to no breast movement when you’re doing this!

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