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  • How do I Make my Bras Last Longer?

    It’s time for an inventory check! Do you have a lingerie drawer filled with bras that have lost their shape and their willingness to support you?

    If the answer is yes then you might be wondering how this could have happened in such a short time!
    Luckily we have listed a whole range of tips and tricks here which will mean that your future is filled with bras that live to their fullest potential.

  • Wear the Correct Size

    We know that we talk about this all the time, in fact we have a whole section dedicated to the art of getting the perfect fit, but even with regards to the longevity of your favourite bra, wearing the correct size is incredibly important!

    Since a bra’s back band is responsible for 80% of the overall support that it gives you, wearing one that is too tight will result in a whole lot of extra stretching to the elastic. If you are wearing a back band that is too loose, however, stress will instead be placed on the shoulder straps and (you guessed it!) they will become overstretched too.

    For bras that are feeling full of life, the correct back band is the only way to go!
    In addition to this, make sure that you are wearing a dedicated sports bra rather than a normal bra for physical activity.

    Everyday bras are tough but they’re not built for the excessive movement that accompanies your chosen workout. Investing in a sports bra saves the elastic in your lingerie collection and, more importantly, it protects your boobs!

  • Put on Your Bra Correctly

    Getting dressed in the morning; not so simple as you might originally think! You can read our dedicated guide to putting on a bra here, but with regard to increasing your lingerie lifespan, there is one element which is more important than the rest!

    Many of us can admit to the sin of doing up a back band clasp at the front and then twisting the bra around to the back to do it up. If you are able to do otherwise then it’s a good idea to avoid this habit as, like wearing an incorrectly sized back band in the first place, this over-stretches your bras and relegated them to the trash bin before their time!

  • Give each bra a rest day
  • Give Each Bra a Rest Day

    It’s a little known fact that bras need a rest day just as much as us!
    In fact, Brastop recommends that you rotate the bra that you wear every other day.

    As such, having a collection of at least four or five bras means that some can be in the wash, one can be worn and one can be waiting in reserve. This allows the previously worn bra to rest and gain its strength before its next moment in the spotlight.

    Along these lines, be sure to read our lingerie storage guide to ensure that you are not committing any storage faux pas which can also bend your bras out of shape and shorten their lifespan!

  • Washing and Drying

    Incorrect washing and drying techniques are the ultimate death sentence for your precious bra. More-so than any other lingerie-saving tip we’ve mentioned so far, if you follow our lingerie washing guide then you are saving your bras from a whole world of pain and you’re saving your bank balance from a constant need to splash out on new undies!

    Above all else, hand washing your bras in lukewarm water is the greatest way to stop the stretching of their elastic and the warping of their underwires. If you definitely don’t have the time to do this then you should certainly be investing in a wash bag for machine washing which will stop bras snagging on the side of the drum or on other, less delicate, items of laundry.

  • Washing and drying bras

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